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One Tree Hill Addiction


THese are spoilers and speculations on what is going to happen in future episodes, If you don't want to know about what is going to happen, then stop reading :)

Ok, these are from an extra named Samantha (18) who has been an extra on the set of One Tree Hill for about 6 months now. She was kind enough to take the time and answer a lot of questions about futre episodes.
**the show isn't coming back till april 6th because they need to film more episodes. also, they have to write more episodes to see if they can continue season 2.*****
the last episode is in mid-may. if season 2 gets picked up, they'll go back in the end of september
-Karen is pregnant, she met some guy in Italy, and we will not be seeing this guy in any episodes.
-The Friendly kiss between nathan and peyton dont mean really anything. They just become friends. The kiss is just either on the cheeks or on the fore head, Its deffinantly NOT on the lips. Dont worry you Nathan/Haley fans, their relationship doesnt get hurt over the kiss. There will be more Naley scenes.
-Brooke and Lucas are still feuding. Neither Brooke or Peyton bid for Lucas at the auction, so Haley will, and Peyton bids for Nathan for Haley to keep him away from the other girls. Brooke mainly bids for Mouth to get Lucas jealous (but it's not that obvious).
-Lucas is shocked and weirded out. and yes Lucas is trying to get Brooke to forgive him but she's not giving in.
-Lucas is really really shocked that Nikki is Jenny's mother and he tries to keep away from her and tells Jake that he had no idea that Nikki was jenny's mother.
-. Nikki wants to take Jenny back from Jake, she starts to stir a riot.
-Brooke and Lucas arent going to go back out again (this may change, you never know)
-Lucas doesn't like Brooke, but he wants them to be friends
-Brooke and Mouth don't go on a second date as far as I'm concerned
-We can't tell if Brooke still likes Lucas becuase she is still hot-headed over everything
-Nathan/Haley's relationship is going to get better and better. There's no sign of a break up. There's more Naley scenes and they do get a lot closer...there's more kissing and hugging.
-Peyton and Brooke are slowly becoming friends's taking Brooke some time though. She's still really hurt.
-The auction- The guys are dancing to take up the auction prics. Some of them take off their shirts...(Nathan does!!!) There's a lot of girls cheering. Nathan and Tim dance really good. It's very exciting!
-At first Haley doesn't want to fill in the cheerleading position, but she eventually does. The ill person isn't a main character and they only say her name, we don't know her.
-In all of Brooke's chaos she turns to Haley twice for comfort
-Nathan and Brooke arent friends as of the moment
-Lucas and Peyton still have feelings for each other, but Lucas is trying to stay away from Peyton for Brooke.
-nathan's going to get an apartment, but it's going to be really hard for him to live on his own. (People are betting that he might move back w/ his parents or move in with Haley.. this is just a speculation)
-Haley bids on Lucas for the auction thing... its not romantic, they just catch up on things (losing brooke, peyton, and nikki..etc..) Lucas says its been a long time since they have done stuff like this.
-Peyton bids on nathan to keep him away from other girls for haley. Peyton and Nathan go out(i'm not sure where) and they just catch up. they mostly talk about peyton's problems with lucas and brooke. Nathan mentions how much he loves haley.
-brooke and mouth just have fun. i think they go to the pool hall (i'm not sure exactly) they have a lot of fun, but i dont see a second date coming, i may be wrong though. Brooke and Mouth just have lots of fun, brooke gets drunk i believe. mouth is just enjoying himself a lot, he thinks he's scored big, but brooke is just doing this to get back at lucas.I believe Brooke and Mouth do kiss, but it doesn't mean anything because Brooke is drunk.
-Nathan is really stressed out about his parents. It's really hard for him to live on his own. He's mostly confiding in Haley to help him. He's had visits w/ his mom and dad a few times. I think he may end up moving in w/ his mom or haley.
-yes, keith does find out. he's obviously shocked and he kinda feels betrayed, but he doesn't tell karen that. he tries to help karen through this. he's a good guy! (awww)
-Brooke and nathan talk in like once scene, they dont like each other, they are hardly friends.
-Jake and Peyton-They kinda flirt back and forth like what we've seen already, but they haven't started going out yet. i think they will though!
-Deb and Dan-they're still feuding. They go to court i think soon. the divorce is still happening so far
-lucas and peyton haven't gotten together so far, i think they will eventually though.
-There has been nothing romantic between lucas and haley. i don't think there ever will be. the writers are afraid that this show will become too much like Dawson's Creek so they're trying to change the story line a little.
-Lucas approached Mouth and asked about him and brookes date.
- Keith and Karen havnt hooked up yet
-There is one Haley and Jake scene in the cafe, but they barley talk to each other.
- Nathan and Haley-expect more kissing hugging, and even some 'i love you's'
-the auction is in the gym. There's a few different announcers (nobody we know), a few times it's Whitey. Haley bids on Lucas because neither Brooke or Peyton will. And yes, Peyton bids on Nathan for Haley to keep him away from the other girls. Nathan isn't jealous of Haley bidding on Lucas because he knows why she did it.(because Neithe brooke or peyton would bid on him) Yes, Jake is being bidded on, and I can't remember how much money each person gets. And Mouth goes on the basketball team for that night to help the bidding.
***MORE TO COME!!***

Personal: Stuff about the actors..
-Chad and Sophia are such a cute couple in real life! They're still going out and having lots of fun...that's what i've heard
-The cast are really good friends and they do lots of stuff together. they frequently go out to dinner and i've heard they hang out at James' place because he's got the biggest house at the moment. as you all know, chad and sophia are going out, and hilarie and bethany are really good friends off-set. James and Bethany spend lots of time together too (just friends...they both are seeing other ppl...
-I don't think james gf has visited the set
-"I'm not really friends with any of them but i've had conversations with Hilarie and James."
-Dan is really  nice and hes really funny, unlike his character he plays
-Hilarie and Bethany are really good friends off-set. they spend a lot of time together.
-James likes to talk a lot and hes hotter in real life (lol)

Got More Spoilers? E-mail me and I'll post them :)