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One Tree Hill Addiction

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April 25, 2004
I have audio of Joy Singing the National Anthem at the Charity Basketball game (BIG thanks to Amber for sending me the tape)- Click the link Below

Bethany Joy Lenz-National Anthem

April 13, 2004
Wow.. Sorry for my lack of updates, Ive been REALLY busy. My week in Wilmington was awsome, Heres some pics from the Basketball game.... Please DO NOT take these or use these without my permission! I will write up how it was to be an extra, I am in the middle of moving my files to my new host, so links might be broken and some pages might be down. Hopefully my lazy butt will transfer everything quickly :) I have the footage from the football game and I am waiting for permission to use it on here, and I will have footage from the basketball game too! Hope you guys watched MTV Diary.. If you missed it, DLs are up at OTH-Fansite.Com. Enjoy Tonights episode "To Wish Impossible Things"

March 29, 2004
Well I am going to be an extra on OTH April 3 and 4th which would be the sesason finale episode... It is going to be Bethany Joy Lenz' Birtday Friday and since I am going to be there Saturday, I am making her a lil belated bday card, and What Im doing is letting all the fans write her a lil message and I will print it out and Give it to her.. if You would like to participate e-mail me at You have until Thursday.. sorry for the late notice

I got hosted, So It will take me a few days to get moved and set up, sorry for the wait...
-An Exclusive Clip of the Charity Football Game ( Hope to have it up before April, but I doubt it)
-New Pics will be up around Saturday or Sunday.. Please be Patient

March 21, 2004
I met the cast of One Tree Hill, I have a few pics posted, I have like 68 lol, But I'll scan them later... these are just a few-Meeting with the Cast

Yay! I got my comp fix.. guess what I did on friday.. I MET THE CAST OF ONE TREE HILL!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!! I'LL WRITE ABOUT IT LATER!!!! AND POST PICS!! I HAVE LIKE 68! LOL

March 18, 2004
1 new wallpaper by PUNK
1 new affiliate
The picture of Nathan and Haley on the banner is from Link Below...

Love Trivia

March 17, 2004
Moved the Promo to the right-- Just click the pic now.. Just remember right click save as :)
Added 2 new wallpapers by Rain Candy
New Affiliate Button

Also, I added a poll in the Music Videos, Wallpapers, and Promos page so u can now vote on your favorites :) *Haley Dream Wallpaper is up

March 14, 2004
-Update: I put up a higher quality of the Peyton and Jake promo for download. Also, I hope you guys like the new navigation buttons :)
--You can Now Request a wallpaper, promo, or music video. And, request for a new page for me to put up such as other things you want to see on this website, I will be adding an actors/character page.
I dont think the new layout is gonna come soon, I need to get hosted first, thats why.. I hope I will soon, But anyways, 1 New wallpaper up, and A new music vid should be put up soon about the cast.

March 9, 2004
2 new music vids up

March 8, 2004
Put up LOTS of spoilers and about 4 new wallpapers :) I hope u guys like them

UPDATED: Just put up a Mouth and Brooke wallpaper :) Thought it would be nice since they are going to spend a lil bit of time together in the future. And I added a song in the wallpaper link its "I shall beileve" By sheryl Crow.. the intro is long so wait a lil.

March 7, 2004
Added 3 new wallpapers made by me :)

March 6, 2004
New Layout, Tell me what you think. I put up a Lucas/Peyton/Nathan Vid in the Music Video section. Post in the Chat what you thought about it :)


If you can't get enough of One Tree Hill, You'll love watching these videos, If you would like to suggest a video, just e-mail me at If you want to use one of the vids for your site, please ask before taking :) thanks

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